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Why ClickNurture Web Push Notification?

Acquire New and Each Visitor

Turn every click on your website into a long term potential customer by onboarding them using ClickNurture Push Notifications .Create a powerful and competitive marketing journey that acquire and retain customers with visually effective opt-in tool. Push Notification is an essential tool to bring users back to your website. It is very helpful in re-establishing contacts with lapsing or inactive users.

Re-Engage with Visitors

Outreach the users with smart and personalised push notifications and redirect them to required webpage. Compliment it with Segmentation Automation attribute and increase your conversions by 5x.Choose from multiple interactive templates to compliment your requirement.Understanding and highlighting the specific needs of the users through personalised snippets goes a long way in building trust and confidence.Existing clients are always easy and cost effective to bring the desired results.

Analyse and Grow

Our All-in-one platform guides to initiate series of unlimited Push Messages once the user is directed or turn responsive to a particular action. Always brief the purpose and benefits for the purpose of accepting Push Notifications for higher acceptance. Monitor, analyse and evaluate the response on every click, behaviour, change and results of different campaigns with our dynamic Analytical Platform. Self-explanatory fields with interactive interface makes the overall performance and adaptation of the action plan very smooth.

Clicknurture is built for designers like you. With useful features, an intuitive interface.

Unlimited personalised Opt-ins

Messages with personalised benefit acts as the perfect stroke to increase the open rate of Push Notifications.

Real time communication

Target the niche users and be aware of their personnel preferences so that the message is triggered automatically within the targeted territory .

Couple it with lively impressions

Integration of written content with audio, video , pictures, emojis or any rich data amplifies the open rate.

More traffic. More conversions. More revenue.

Push Notifications boost users engagement by 88% and increase the customer retention upto 10times,

Automatic renewal of prompt cycle

Enjoy three delivery options for your push notifications: Sending them immediately, sending by user time zone, and Intuitive Delivery.

Scale up your revenue

With higher opt-in rates as compared to other channels, there is an endless opportunity to multiply your numbers by this simple re-engaging strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Push Notification is an automated message sent by an application to the user interface(Mobile, laptop or desktop screen). Here, the end user must opt-in to receive these alerts.Users are not required to be in the app or using their devices to receive them.

Push notifications is a communication channel built between service/application provider and its users. It alerts users about the opted information and provide convenience and enhances experience.

The push notifications can be transactional, system generated, user specific opted information, location generated or any event based. Irrespective of the type of message, the ultimate purpose is to re-engage the users with associated service or app and build trust and loyalty.

The best and easiest way to keep users loyal to your services or apps is by explaining the value proposition of notifications prior to prompting for notification permissions.

On an average, any user receives 60-65 notifications on his device coming mainly from messaging and email applications.With Clicknurture , you can send unlimited Push Notifications.

Intelligent scheduling or defining prompt cycle for the Push Notifications plays a very important role in determining the success rate of the technology. Also, the use of personalised and relevant information maximises users interests in continuing the service.

We Support Almost All Major Platforms