Enhance Audience Interactions With Online Survey

ClickNurture survey tool aids you to ask different questions to customers and create your marketing strategies accordingly.

Get to know ClickNurture Online Survey Builder

Easy to Create

ClickNurture Survey Tool provides you with a dynamic platform to create your online survey with varied choices. The choices come with different options in themes, colours, fonts, and images.Distribute your surveys using web links, emails or invite your visitors just before they abandon your site to uncover their objections or concerns. No prior technical knowledge is required to make the Online Survey.Easy drag-n-drop options makes it very interesting tool.

Easily Embed to Web Page

ClickNurture Surveys allow you to ask your site visitors or customers an unlimited number of questions. It gives the ability to ask answers in different forms like check boxes, selections boxes and so on. Additionally, you can invite people to fill in your survey directly from any page of your site and based on user behaviour. It provides you with the most fastest and intuitive interface for the users' behaviour.

Easy to analyse Survey Results

ClickNurture equips you with a powerful tool to evaluate, analyse and monitor your results on one platform. The output is self - explained and easy to understand. The survey builder effectively meets the needs of growing and expanding businesses across countries.Online survey tool is a cost effective tool to understand your audience and serve them better.

Clicknurture is built for designers like you. With useful features, an intuitive interface.

Statistical Insight to users thoughts

The Survey Builder offers the usefulness of automatic evaluation and displaying of information in figures and charts. The results of each survey can be exported immediately in Excel or CSV formats.

Low Cost Implementation

Significantly reduces the set-up and administration costs and saves a lot of time and effort in administering, collecting and analyzing surveys.

Reliable guide to user buying behaviour

Survey Builder can provide tackles on all aspects of information received from customers that need to be addressed to provide facility and convenience in return.

Direct and objective communication

The data collected through the Online Survey Builder application is more accurate and objective as the role of interviewer is absent.

Easy and Simple Tool

Survey Builder is simple and user friendly, and is designed to spare hassles and time and provide convenience in drawing up online surveys.

Equipment to modify marketing strategies

Allows an organization to analyze the feedback and quickly address any issues or concerns and make an effect on future strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions

The online survey is one of the popular ways of collecting information from the target audience. It involves a series of questions(like an offline survey) and is shared via online platforms like emails, social media, embedded over website etc.

Online surveys are one of the best ways to get to know your target audience in a better way. Their responses can be collected in the form of reviews, feedback, recommendations and many more. It helps to build better marketing strategies keeping users' responses in considerations.

Clicknurture helps you to create your own online survey using an easy drag-n-drop and interactive interface. The platform provides you with different templates and quicker response choices in order to make it convenient and hassle-free for respondents.

Keep the number of questions short and precise, attract the audience by offering incentives or discount coupons and be clear while choosing the target audience as potential respondents are main considerations to turn it into a profitable tool.

The frequency depends upon the product or service involved as the customers can be approached about the launch features, insights on current products/services, experience change in marketing strategies, enhancement in current features etc.

It is a faster, reliable and cost-effective way to reach the target audience. With the rise in competition, customer feedback is valuable to build a competitive edge in the market.

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