Drive Clicks Into Customers With Landing Page

A well-designed and targeted landing page can greatly support your business goals and increase conversions for your lead marketing.

ClickNurture Landing Page Builder

Good First Impression

Studies found that an effective, interactive and impressive Landing Page is more responsible towards engaging and converting every user on a website.Well-designed landing pages that provide value for the visitor and offer tangible follow-up steps , improve click-through rates and successfully initiate the customer journey.Create your own with attractive Landing page elements like Call-to-Action field, information form and so on.

Increase your Organic Search

An optimized landing page that is search-friendly, uses targeted keywords and follows search engine optimization best practices will drive more organic traffic to your site. This not only multiplies visitors on your website but also divides the cost per acquisition by great factor.High converting websites uses well defined Landing Page feature with least distractions to multiply quality leads.

Generates New Leads and Conversions

Landing pages help create more qualified leads and result in higher conversion rates when integrated with right tools and support.Landing pages are perfect channels for communicating your core brand messaging and strike the visitor with competitive advantage and convert them into long-serving customers.Lead generation page, Start Ups Landing Page, Product launch, Event registration, Contest participation are few examples.

Clicknurture is built for designers like you. With useful features, an intuitive interface.

Powerful Editor

An app to build a one-page website that’s easy to customize without coding.

Stunning Template

Templates to help you make the website quickly with a modern design.

Easy Drag n’ Drop

Tools to add extra items and make your page more enriching and insightful—images, long-form text, and more.

Mobile Optimized

Ability to expand your presence by making your page compatible to different devices.

Lead form

We give you easy access to lead forms for higher conversions and saving time.

Embed survey Form

Get in touch with your audience in a better way by integrating survey forms on your Landing page

Powerful page editor

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Frequently Asked Questions

A landing page is a page on your website that is designed to convert visitors into potential leads.

The main purpose of the Landing Page is to convert visitors into leads. It is different from other pages on the website as it has a form that allows you to capture a visitor’s information(email, contact etc) in exchange for the desired offer.

Landing Page uses form where a person is targeted to perform the certain call to action with least distractions (like filling up personal details, mentioning query etc). The collected information is handled by the sales and marketing team to convert the user into a long-term client.

Clicknurture provides you with the platform to build your own landing page without prior technical knowledge. It gives you varied templates choices along with drag-n-drop interactive features to suit your requirements.

With the help of dynamic Clicknurture tools, one can easily design and implement Landing Pages.No prior technical knowledge is required to create it. You can insert attractive headlines, images, social media icons, bullet points, lead form and many more under one roof.

With relevant content, full-proof marketing campaigns and precise target audience, Landing Pages have proved to be one of effective lead generation method.

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