Analyse Visitor Behaviour Through Visual Graphics

One of the most useful ,powerful and real time data analysis tools to understand the relevance of content on a website within a few seconds .

ClickNurture Heat Map Features

Direct Overview of Performing Areas

The best part of Heat Maps is that it pulls direct attention to important matters of website. Through different clicking patterns, it redirects the most engaging content and visitors, tracks mouse movements and highlights major contributing territories. Heat map tool highlights the most and lowest performing areas on the website.

Improves User Experience

Every click represents the interest of visitors on website products and/or services. Heatmap filters can show how different your audience reacts to the same content and right analysis to a specific audience lets you offer them a better experience. By stating the gap in the high and low performing content, heat map graph is well recommended by marketeers for best results.

Easy to Analyse

The visual coloured representation makes it easier to analyse and interpret. It helps you identify problems in your website by simply tracking your users’ activity and giving you a glimpse of their behaviour. A sure shot way to optimise your website in a better way.Heat mapping tool is easy to embed, monitor and analyse across different industries.

Clicknurture is built for designers like you. With useful features, an intuitive interface.

Instant Overview

Heat Maps tell you at a glance what’s working and what needs to be addressed.

Visual Approach

Heat Map graphics offer undeniable advantages over other analytical tools.

Easy to learn

Multi-colored splotches, dispersed clicks, or cold spots above links offer the answer you seek in a simpler manner.

Easy to integrate

Heat Maps are unique and work best when combined with others.

Better user experience

By vesting interest in knowing how visitors react to particular content on a website helps to dig in to strategies to improvise the same.

Diagnostic tool

Heat Maps as a web diagnostic tool add significant speed to the problem-solver’s journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

The heat map is one of the most useful and powerful data-analysis tools which uses two-dimensional graphical coloured representation and highlights the performing and non-performing areas on the website.

Heatmap works by collecting the data from a web page. It uses a dark-to-light colour scale to display which content of the web page is clicked more or which area gets more attention.

Clicknurture helps you to integrate your own heat map on the web page and analyse the performing areas, improvise the conversions and enhance user experience.

The main purpose of heat maps is to visualize user behaviour on the website. By analysing the sum of all users interactions on a web page, it becomes easier to spot issues and opportunities for improvement.

You can read any website heat map by looking at the visualization represented by different colours. You can spot click trends and issues at a glance through the colour-coded nature of heat maps.

The correct choice of colours and its diverging scales is very important for a successful implementation of the Heat Maps. Blue & orange, blue & red, blue & brown are some of the colour combinations used (where blue represents the most interacted area and other least one).

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