Enhance Your User Experience with Facebook Messenger Broadcasts

Reach you target audience quickly and effectively with Messenger marketing strategies.

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Types of Broadcast Messages

You can send three types of broadcast messages depending upon your need of target audience. These are Non-Promotional Subscription Messaging, Promotional Broadcasts and Follow-up Broadcasts. Each category has its own role to interact with your audience and keep them engaged.

Target your messages

You can choose to send your broadcast to users who have been tagged in any type of message category, users who have subscribed to a specific sequence, or you can target by demographics. We offer you to add multiple conditions/filters to get incredibly focused in your targeting of your messages.

Easy to Analyse

ClickNurture All-in-One platform helps you to send and target the Facebook Message Broadcasts through an interactive dashboard. Easy integration with other automation features makes it powerful tool to engage with users and drive revenue for your company.

Clicknurture is built for designers like you. With useful features, an intuitive interface.

Positive Experience

Message broadcasting in one of effective way to deliver positive experience to users on Messenger by providing specific and targeted information.

Send Non-Promotional Subscription Messaging

It includes reaching your target audience with News, Productivity and Personal tracking information on their messenger anytime and anywhere.

Send Promotional Broadcasts

You can also send promotional broadcasts to subscribers who’ve interacted with you on Facebook Messenger in the past 24-hours.

Send Follow-Up Broadcasts

Follow-up broadcasts is a way to remind your subscribers about your promotion.

Personalise Message Broadcast

Enhance your user experience by providing lots of buttons with branching logic and personalised responses.

One-to-many communication

Indulge into a more detail sequence of personalised messages based on your users' needs and interests by asking series of different questions.

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