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Clicknurture Features

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Push Notifications

Every website visitor is a potential client. The journey from a casual visitor to a long-lasting client requires multiple interactions. Push notifications is a technology which gives your visitors an option to enroll in your subscriber list through a click and without sharing any personal data. Grab the attention of these interested clients with personalised, relevant, real-time and rich notifications t hat are not just limited to your website.Send targeted messages to the right people at the right time Now.

Chat Bots

Sometimes a website is just not enough to get the desired conversion rate. Use Click Nurture ChatBots to communicate with your visitor and build a customised conversation flow that shows you understand their needs and deliver a solution for the same. ChatBots have been successful in Generating filtered Leads, Collecting Feedback, Payment Reminders and so on.With this, Possibilities of enhancing growth avenues are endless! Send targeted messages to the right people at the right time.

Journey Builder

We provide you with a robust , reliable and real time platform to keep an eye on your visitor’s virtual journey. The journey builder keeps the imprints of the customer experience with your brand ,beginning with their first impression and continues to analyse it for future references.

Landing Page

Perfect Landing Page is a proven tool to not only create awareness about your brand and generate traffic but also to amplify conversion rate and building sales figures. Click Nurture provides you with an interactive and easy dashboard to work on. Colourful templates, drag and drop icons and other helping attributes make your journey of building your own Landing page more easy and smooth.

Survey Builder

Another powerful tool of Click Nurture is Survey Builder which helps you to make surveys from different templates and get closer to your clients . Obtaining timely feedback, recommendations and solutions from clients have proven to be an effective method to maintain loyalty from the clients.

Heat Maps

Heat Maps are a coloured representation of major activities of visitors on a website in a two dimensional format. It redirects the attention on specific issues which require immediate action and further helps in reshaping strategies to engage targeted users and divert them to perform desired call to action.

Live Customer Tracking

Customer tracking technology generates actionable insights to increase conversion rates by going some extra miles to win the visitors trust and loyalty. It is simple technique wherein efforts are made to pinpoint the barriers in customer journey and present with full proof solutions.

Visitor Segmentation

Segmentation involves the categorization of visitors into different groups based on their customer journey, buying behaviour and other characteristics. The analysis is done on groups on the basis of similar interests , reactions , locations and/or requirements. Future marketing strategies are tested in order to optimise results.

Social Proofs

Social Proof is a tool to amplify your user interaction and sales number by huge margins.It highlights recent sales pop-ups and current user behaviour going on the website on a real time basis. It builds confidence among the new users on the brand and creates credibility and loyalty.

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